Our built-in dishwasher offer a range of advanced technology features as standard. And with additional options across the range, we have the dishwasher to suit your individual requirements.

innovative technology has allowed our dishwasher to save you money and energy by getting the most out of every drop of water.

Our dishwasher come with a clever frying function that drys everything whilst using less electricity. And when we say everything, we meant everything – plates, pans, glasses and even plastics.


A staple in every home, whether you want to make a design statement or just need a sink for functionality. The sink is a fundamental part of the kitchen. Our kitchen sinks come in a wide range of styles and sizes so you can be sure we have the one to suit your needs and kitchen design.

Whether you are replacing an existing unit or starting from scratch, considerations for finding the ideal kitchen sink include the mount type, drainer orientation, material and finish.


Compliment your sink with the perfect taps. Whether its style or functionality you are looking for, we have a huge collection of taps for your to choose from.

Find out how we can help you with your kitchen appliance needs!