Save more, waste less. Thanks to their energy efficiency, our range of built-in fridge freezers will help save you money. Not only this, but they are also packed with innovative technology that helps keep your food fresher for longer, so you’ll throw out less and save on your shopping bill.

Our fridges are fitted with a SuperCool function which lowers the temperature for a short period, this helps keep all produce at the right storage temperature.



With out freezers, you never have to worry about defrosting you freezer again. The NoFrost system prevents the build up of ice by automatically initiating the defrost operation when it is needed. This also helps maintain energy efficiency, meaning you are saving money.

Our freezers are fitted with a SuperFreeze function which lowers the temperature for a short period, so anything put into the freezer is frozen quickly.

American Style Fridge Freezers


Our American style fridge freezers offer more space and style to compliment a contemporary kitchen. They are extra spacious meaning you will find it easy to fit everything in which is perfect for a bus household.


Not only being stylish and spacious, our fridge freezers are packed with a host of technology, such as VitaFresh. With VitaFresh, you’ll be able to store your fruit and vegetable at exactly 0C to lock in the freshness. and with adjustable humidity settings on the drawers, you’ll be able to keep your fresh food in a perfectly controlled environment.


Our Fridge Freezers are also built with soft closing doors. As in a busy household, different people will be opening and shutting the doors, so it’s nice to know with this function, doors will never accidentally get left open.

Wine Coolers

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just like to have a Glass of Red with your evening meal. Having a wine cooler is a lovely addition to your kitchen, with a range of styles, you can finish of a modern contemporary look or complement any design style your kitchen has.

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